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Operating in the global economy exposes large global manufacturers to unique challenges and risks, especially in litigation matters. While companies and their legal representation often conduct litigation research, understanding the depth of risks, varying global influences on juror opinion, and the need for effective communications strategies is often overlooked. A leading U.S.-based manufacturing company recognized this complexity and engaged Advocus Partners to conduct an extensive jury research and communications study.


Advocus collaborated with the company’s internal legal team and local counsel across the U.S. to comprehend the distinct legal challenges and communication hurdles they faced. We designed an extensive juror research study across key U.S. markets to grasp geographic and demographic influences on public and juror opinions. Recognizing the need for tailored strategies across diverse litigation venues, Advocus ensured a nuanced approach, developing both macro and micro messaging for national and local contexts. The team meticulously recruited focus group participants representative of potential jury panels in each location, facilitated presentations by multiple attorneys, and moderated discussions post-presentation.


Following the trial summary focus group presentations, Advocus’ research professionals analyzed the collected data in collaboration with communication experts. This analysis formed the basis for detailed national and local communications strategies. Presenting the research findings and communication strategies equipped the company’s communications specialists, internal counsel, and local attorneys with a comprehensive understanding of public sentiment related to their litigation process, identified obstacles, and provided strategies to effectively convey the company’s message to key audiences. As a result, the team was better prepared to navigate and communicate amidst the litigation landscape, enhancing their ability to engage and address critical audiences.

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