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Sightline Payments faced the challenge of positioning itself as a trailblazer in the digital casino payments space and showcasing its pivotal role in enabling Resorts World Las Vegas (RWLV) to offer the world’s first fully cashless gaming experience. Ahead of RWLV’s grand opening in June 2021, Sightline engaged Advocus to establish its leadership in the fintech sector and promote the Play+ platform as the premier gaming payments solution.


Advocus devised an aggressive earned media strategy leading up to the announcement of Sightline’s partnership with RWLV. The approach involved creating a comprehensive list of reporters covering gaming, fintech, and payments, introducing Sightline to them, and building anticipation for the launch. Top-tier reporters received early access to the release and participated in embargoed interviews, including engagements with renowned publications like Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal. CNBC’s Contessa Brewer broke the news in a live exclusive on Tech Check.

Concurrently, Advocus implemented a three-phase paid digital campaign targeting gaming executives and fintech reporters. The first phase emphasized the overreliance on cash in casinos, followed by highlighting RWLV as the world’s first truly cashless casino in the second phase. The final phase positioned Sightline as the driving force behind RWLV’s cashless technology, leveraging content syndication and Twitter ads to reach the target audience.


Advocus orchestrated a robust media blitz, resulting in numerous earned media hits, including mentions in national publications like Fortune and Bloomberg, along with profiles in financial publications such as American Banker and Digital Transactions. The three-phased digital campaign delivered over 11.5 million impressions and almost 22,000 clicks across platforms. Sightline successfully achieved its objectives, solidifying its position as a cutting-edge fintech company and showcasing the Play+ platform as the leading gaming payments solution.

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