Navigating Policy: Harley Davidson’s Advocacy Journey


Harley Davidson Headquarters in Milwaukee, along with the city’s Chamber of Commerce, faced the challenge of creating a museum experience that catered to the general population, local enthusiasts, and city leadership. Balancing the diverse needs and concerns of these stakeholders presented a significant challenge.


Advocus conducted extensive polling and focus groups among the general population and local riders to shape the museum’s parameters. Addressing concerns about potential disruptions caused by increased motorcycle traffic, a brownfield near the city’s harbor was designated as a gathering point. Implementing 24-hour surveillance for motorcycles and providing continuous transportation alleviated concerns of business owners and hotel operators. Internally, collaborating with enthusiasts and Harley Davidson’s leadership simplified the task of curating captivating attractions and displays, drawing on their shared vision and treasures.


The museum has become a resounding success, embraced by stakeholders and city officials alike. It stands as a point of pride for both riders and non-riders, embodying the iconic legacy of Harley Davidson. The project’s success lies in harmonizing the desires of enthusiasts with the community’s concerns, transforming barren land into a celebrated showcase that enhances the city’s history.

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