Promoting Economic Development Through Advocacy


Advocus Partners spearheaded critical aspects for a leading international semiconductor company’s expansion, involving location selection, incentives negotiations, and infrastructure improvement agreements. This $17 billion investment stands as the largest one-time investment in semiconductor manufacturing in the United States and marks the largest foreign-direct investment in Texas history. The project has expanded its potential investment to over $100 billion.


Engaging in a competitive process across three states and seven locations (Texas, Arizona, and New York), Advocus Partners played a key role in determining the best expansion site for semiconductor manufacturing. While facing common challenges in large-scale economic expansions, the team navigated obstacles to success. This included collaboration with private oil & gas companies to relocate a significant pipeline, working with aviation authorities to modify air traffic, and advocating for state legislation to safeguard manufacturing facilities from power failures.

Additionally, Advocus orchestrated significant improvements in transportation infrastructure around the greenfield site, securing road projects, a wastewater treatment plant, and high-volume water lines.


Beyond the core responsibilities, local officials frequently sought guidance from Advocus Partners during the site selection process. This collaboration fostered trust and culminated in a mutually beneficial outcome for both the company and the local communities. The success of the negotiations and collaboration left both parties satisfied with the outcome, establishing a foundation for a promising partnership between the company and the local community, setting the stage for future success.

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