Council for American Medical Innovation


In 2010, amidst the national health care debate and economic concerns, the Council for American Medical Innovation (CAMI) identified an opportunity. CAMI aimed to connect investment in medical innovation with economic recovery and U.S. competitiveness. The focus was on demonstrating how medical innovation could impact disease treatment, reducing healthcare costs, prolonging individuals’ ability to work, and stimulating job creation across various industries.


Engaging with Advocus Partners, CAMI embarked on an integrated campaign to position itself as a leader in medical innovation. The approach went beyond communications — it included restructuring messaging to emphasize the broader role of medical innovation in American health and the nation’s well-being. This encompassed comprehensive communications strategies for all CAMI initiatives, events, and projects. Additionally, a video testimonial and advertising campaign humanized the concept, illustrating the life-saving potential of investing in medical innovation. Efforts targeted not just media but policymakers, regulators, and credible organizations to enhance CAMI’s profile and recruit new members strategically.


The collaboration led to significant increases in national and local media coverage, featuring over 50 op-eds in prominent publications. CAMI successfully released two impactful reports and hosted a widely attended national medical innovation symposium. These initiatives solidified CAMI as a primary resource for policymakers and the media. Notably, the Food and Drug Administration Commissioner sought CAMI’s expertise to develop recommendations and host forums addressing key regulatory obstacles in medical innovation.

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